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A tradeline is nothing but credit account records that are provided to credit reporting organizations which includes line of credit, credit card, or any other credit-related item that is provided by a financial institution or lender. Tradeline increases credit scores more efficiently and effectively. If you are having a credit account then you must have tradelines on your report. Every credit account whether in good or bad standing are normally called tradelines. Nowadays companies like us sell affordable seasoned tradelines so that people can conquer their credit score. Tradelines can help you boost your credit score if the tradeline has good payment history, a low balance and longevity. An Authorized tradeline means that they are authorized to talk to the bank about the account, make payments on the account and agree to the account reporting on their Credit Report. Authorized user accounts are only for credit cards. Authorized user tradelines are a powerful tool for achieving financial goals.


Credit profile number is the concept through which individuals create a new security number for establishing a new credit number. CPN is a nine-digit number like security number. CPN are used for credit reporting and other financial purpose like applying for a loan. CPN with tradelines are primarily used for tracking credit history. Some people selling CPN numbers even say consumers with bad credit can use these numbers in lieu of their Social Security numbers in order to get credit cards, loans and other financial tools that they would not otherwise qualify for.

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Credit tradelines are the credit accounts on your credit report. Credit tradelines for sale are sought in order to add positive lines of credit to social security numbers, which results in that account and its details reporting to the individual’s credit report and provide a chance to increase your credit score.


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